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Collaborative Family Law



+About Joelle

Collaborative Family Law - Joelle Adelson
Joelle Adelson
Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator

I am dedicated to guiding my clients through an effective dispute resolution process. Collaborative Divorce and Mediation both allow and encourage you to negotiate in good faith, with courtesy and respect, in a safe environment. These processes minimize the negative impacts of separation and give you an opportunity to maintain a working relationship, enabling continuing communication. I understand that going through a separation is a difficult emotional journey; I offer sensitivity and support through the negotiation process along with my legal advice.

Thinking about separation is hard. Going through the process of separation can be even harder. I can help by guiding you through a process in which you and your spouse resolve conflicts respectfully, without going to court.

Live in the future,

not the past.



Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator

Collaborative divorce, also referred to as collaborative law or collaborative practice, is a process whereby separating spouses and their collaboratively-trained lawyers agree to work together respectfully (collaborate) to create the best possible solution for the family as everyone transitions out of the marriage.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Like collaborative law, the mediation process uses interest-based negotiations: the parties look beneath the surface to each party's goals, fears or concerns, all of which are referred to as interests.

Mediation Lawyer - Joelle Adelson - Canada

Family Contracts include agreements inside of a union (Domestic Contracts) as well as agreements reflecting the careful negotiation of the end of a union (Separation Agreements).

Family Contracts - Joelle Adelson Attorney


+ From the Clients

I have been a client of Joelle’s for a couple of years now. She has helped me through one of the toughest times of my life, and I could not have done it without her. Her guidance and support through a difficult mediation and divorce was invaluable. More than a lawyer, Joelle has become a trusted advisor and friend.


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